We are a two-generation family:


Marino and Dominica, natives of Buesa, originally worked in livestock ranching and later, starting in the ‘90s, moved into rural tourism. We began by building the apartments and bar-restaurant due to Buesa’s prime location overlooking the Broto Valley, which in turn, leads to the Ordesa Valley.


Karine and Jorge are the second generation with the educational background in psychology and agricultural engineering. We have decided to carry on the family business, basing it on differentiation and personal attention, attempting to make each room an experience in itself.


We could sum up our values in 3 words:


  • Accessibility:So that anyone, regardless of their economic situation, can enjoy this corner of the Pyrenees.


  • Environment:Reducing all types of emissions. We are indebted to the extraordinary nature that surrounds us, and we endeavour to restrict the environmental impact of our activities as much as possible, particularly in terms of reducing CO2


  • Local:We work with local products and producers, especially with certified Broto Valley beef. We believe that fostering local business promotes wealth and diversity.

balcon-del-Pirineo Vista del Balcón del Pirineo