Things to do in autumn:

  • Hiking in and around Ordesa National Park.


  • Mushroom picking: saffron milk caps, chanterelles, wood blewits, wood hedgehogs, porcini.


  • Walking the forests of Buesa and Broto, as well as the paths around Ordesa National Park.


  • Horse riding in Sarvise.


  • Motorbike loops in the Spanish and French Pyrenees.


  • Birding in the Escuaín gorges, bearded vulture watching.


  • Guided tours in off-road vehicles to the vantage points over the Ordesa and Monte Perdido Valleys.


  • Visiting the ethnographic heritage of Northern Aragon: medieval village of Ainsa, Mozarabic Romanesque churches of Serrablo, Romanesque cathedral of Jaca, dolmens of Tella and Santa Elena.
De Torla a Aínsa

 Naturaleza cerca del Balcón del Pirineo.