We believe in comprehensive forest management, the way it has been done for centuries. We support replacing the use of diesel fuel with biomass gathered in our forests and generating our own electricity as much as possible.


Renewable energy and architecture

  • Installing solar panels and fitting out our grill as a biomass boiler.
  • Buildings that face south, constructed on terraces to achieve the best thermal performance.
  • Local materials such as stone and wood.
  • Respect for vernacular architecture.


Local products

We endeavour to get all the products for our restaurant from the Broto Valley:

  • Sustainable kitchen gardens.
  • Gathering wild mushrooms like porcini, saffron milk caps and chanterelles.
  • Free-range hens and eggs.
  • Lamb and beef from the Broto Valley, the latter bearing the Clara programme certificate.


Information and awareness about Natural Heritage

  • Clearing the paths near the village of Buesa to foster an understanding of the landscape and natural wealth that surround us.
  • Books and other information about the flora and fauna of Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park are available.
  • We are partners with the Sobrarbe Geopark.


For the future of the valley

Given that Buesa is a small village in Sobrarbe, a thinly populated district with a density of 3 inhabitants per km2, we lack certain services that would seem reasonable (sorted waste collection and water treatment system). Therefore, we use our own sorting containers and later take the sorted waste to Broto. We are also helping in every way we can with the construction of the new treatment plant in Buesa.